Frequently Asked Questions about Baby Equipment Rentals


How new or used is your equipment?

All of the equipment on our list is owned by Feels Like Home and is regularly checked for damages and replaced if need be.

How often is the equipment cleaned?

All of our equipment is routinely cleaned before and after each use. Cyndi and Christine are both OSHA certified in sterilization and sanitation techniques.

What if there’s equipment I need that isn’t on your list?

If there is equipment you need that isn’t on our list, we will be happy to find it for you, but please call in advance. Thank you.

How do I receive the equipment?

You may pick up the equipment upon your arrival into Truckee/Portland or we can deliver; vice Versa for returns. Please call to confirm times and dates.

Is there a fee for delivery/pickup?

Yes, Delivery starts at $25 each way.

How long can I rent equipment for?

You may rent daily, weekly or monthly. The rates can be found on our “Equipment & Price List” page. We follow a seven day weekly calendar, including the rental and return dates.

Do you have a cancellation policy?

We understood that travel plans can change, resulting in cancellation of your trip or an early departure. Our cancellation fees are as follow, accounting for administrative expenses and lost bookings.
Cancellation more than 48 hours prior to the delivery date/time: full refund Cancellation within 48 hours of the delivery date/time: 50% refund UNLESS BOOKING A NEW DATE of the original order amount

If you have any other questions, please call us!